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IDAuthorYiddish TitleEnglish TitlePublishedPublisherPriceOther
880Waks, Sam (Shamay)Mayn troyer lidGrief is My Song1968Sam Waks$23.00
856Wald, P.ArgentineArgentina1966Farlag yidbukh$23.00
858Wald, P.Geshaltn fun yidishn velt-folkImages of the Jewish World People1964Farlag yidbukh$25.00 Library
859Wald, P.In gang fun tsaytnIn the Movement of Time1955P. Wald$23.00
857Waldman, M.Fun ale vaytnsFrom All Distances1980H. Leyvik-Farlag$23.00
862Walinsky, Ossip and Rosa NewmanLament un lidLament and Song1956Ossip Walinsky$23.00
889Warager, KhayimZekhtsik teg in medines-yisrolSixty Days in the Land of Israel1965Farlag Y. L. Peretz$23.00
884Warzage, Shlomo (Shloyme)YornYears1973Farlag Y. L. Peretz$23.00
883Warzager, Sh.BroytBread1960Farlag Y. L. Peretz$25.00 Library
886Warzager, Shlomo (Shloyme)Do get uf di zunHere the Sun Rises1975Farlag Y. L. Peretz$23.00
887Warzager, Shlomo (Shloyme)HalinaHalina1990Farlag Israel-Bukh$25.00 Library
885Warzager, Shlomo (Shloyme)YomergezangWailing Song1987Farlag Israel-Bukh$25.00 Library
888Warzager, Shlomo (Shloyme)ZamdSand1963Farlag Y. L. Peretz$23.00
876Wasserman, Shneyer (Szneier)Fun mayn layb un lebnFrom My Limb and Life1972Yoyvl-komitet$18.00
875Wasserman, SolomonHeymishe mentshnHomey People1949Solomon Wasserman et. Al$25.00 Library
873Wasserman, Solomon (Shloyme)Mentshn in mayn lebnPeople in My Life1967Ykuf$23.00
878Wassertzug, ZalmenDr. Janusz KorczakDr. Janusz Korczak1953Zalmen Wassertzug$25.00 Library
502Weichert, MichaelYidishe aleyn-hilf 1939-1945Jewish Mutual Assistance 1939-19451962Farlag Hamenora$100.00 Yisker Bukh
895Widans, Emil and DaneelA shtot in der liteA City in Lithuania1950Chveidonas Brothers$23.00
894Widans, Emil and DaneelYerusholayimJerusalem1953Committee of Jewish Writers$23.00
854Wohl, KubiDer meteorThe Meteor1980Farlag Ur$23.00
853Wohl, SamuelTsankende likhtFlickering Lights1938Samuel Wohl Book Co.$18.00
868Wolf, LeizerLiderPoems1955Congress for Jewish Culture$23.00
871Wolf, Yoysef (Josef)Leyenendik peretsnReading Peretz1948Tsentral-farband fun poylishe yidn in argentine$25.00 Library
702Wolfshaut-Dinkes, MordkheShakh-mat: der nes fun mayn lebnCheckmate: The Miracle of My Life1975M. Wolfshaut-Dinkes$23.00
861Wolman, I. L.Poylishe yidnPolish Jews1959Tsentral-farband far poylishe yidn in argentine$25.00 Library
865Wolpe, David E.A volkn un a vegA Cloud and a Way1978Kayor$25.00 Library
864Wolpe, David E.A vort in zayn tsaytA Word in His Time1983Kayor Publications$25.00 Library
863Wolpe, David E.Heymen - khaloymes - koshmar: dertselungenHomes - Dreams - Nightmares: Stories1987Kayor Publications$25.00 Library
867Wolpe, David E.Ikh un mayn velt [in tsvey bend]Me and my world [2 volumes]1997David E. Wolpe$23.00 vol.
866Wolpe, David E.Mit avrom sutskever iber zayn liderveltWith Abraham Sutskever Over His Poem-World1985Kayor$23.00
881Worotisky, Charles (Kh.)In geroysh fun beymerAmong the Rustling Trees1971Kh. Worotisky bukh-komitet$25.00 Library
855Wuhlman, L.In kamf farn gezunt fun yidishn folkIn Struggle for the Health of the Jewish People1968Velt-farband ^Ose^$25.00 Library
872Wulfowicz, Natan (Nosn)In urvald fun gulagIn the Primitive Forest of the Gulag1989Farlag Y. L. Peretz$23.00
890Wygodzki (Vigodsky), S.Vuhin di oygn trognWhere the eyes take you1963Farlahg yidish bukh$23.00