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IDAuthorYiddish TitleEnglish TitlePublishedPublisherPriceOther
131Efros, IraelHeimlose IdnHomeless Jews (Judios Sin Hogar)1947Tsentral-Farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Argentine AND Hilfs-Farband fun Poylishe Yidn in Sao-Paulo$25.00 Library
50Einhorn, DawidAv Ha RakhamimThe Compassionate Father1943Dawid Einhorn$25.00 Library
51Einhorn, DawidGezamlte LiderCollected Poems1952Farlag Arbeter-Ring / Workmen's Circle$25.00
58Einsenberg, IsraelFar Vos Grod Ikh?Why Me?1980Publishing-House Israel-Book$25.00
44Eisenman, TviDi BanThe Train1956Unknown$18.00
45Eisenman, TzviBleter fun a Farsmalietn PinkesPages from a Charred Notebook1996Farlag Y. L. Peretz$25.00
43Eisenman, TzviMazalotConstellations1965Farlag Y. L. Peretz$25.00
47Eisenman, TzviNemt Mikh in Land fun FargesnTake Me to the Land of Oblivion1983Kibbutz Olanim$18.00
48Eisenman, TzviTsvishn GrenetsnBetween Bounds1974Kibbutz Hamuechad$25.00
61Eisenstadt, Professor SamuelDi Neviim: Zeyer Tsayt un Zeyere Gezelshaftlekhe IdeenThe Prophets: The Prophets~ Their Times~ and Their Social Ideas1964Farlag Eynikayt$25.00
62Eisenstadt, Professor SamuelPionerishe GeshtaltnPioneer Personalities1970Farlag Oyfkum$25.00 Library
852Elkhonon, WoglerFriling afn traktSpring on the Highway1954Farband fun di vilner in frankraykh$30.00 Library
114Endlin, NehemiaAf Di Vegn fun Partizaner Kamf - ZikhroynesMemories of a Jewish Guerilla Fighter1980A Committee of ex-Guerilla Fighters from the Kovno Ghetto$25.00
144Erem, MosheBesuret Ha-ZmanIn the Storm of the Time1995Farlag Y. L. Peretz$36.00 Library
143Erlich, J.VolbromVolbram1963Farlag Y. L. Peretz$25.00